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Fan Mail:


Mary...  My name is Touches the Water and I have been playing the flute for a year. I found the flute while looking for my inner-most native spirit and was called by Twohawks to play it. I called Jeff Calavan and ordered one for myself. Never feeling like I belonged anywhere, I joined this flute circle in Louisiana and found family. They have been very supportive of my playing even when just a squeak was all I could muster up. I stopped trying to play notes and began playing from my heart and out came a song. I'm very happy with what I hear. I feel my ancestors inside of my bones and know that the music pleases them. I just started listening to your music and have found it so beautiful. It makes me cry. Twohawks tells me it may be because I've heard this kind of music before. I'm on the red path and am learning so much. I just wanted to let you know that you have touched me with your music. The Creator has really Blessed you and you seem to have honored the spirit of the flute with so much respect.
I don't know anything about music so I just play, but it feels absolutely wonderful.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Mary...  This is just to thank Mary for her music. I started playing about 18 months ago and now play at three hospitals, a hospice home and an Alzheimer's care unit. I play "Song for Ingrid" , "Fog", " Eagle Clan" and "The Offering" at each location, not as well as Mary, but people who have never heard her think I'm OK. 


Thanks again for the beautiful music and I hope to see Mary soon. Gary