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Mary...  My name is Touches the Water and I have been playing the flute for a year. I found the flute while looking for my inner-most native spirit and was called by Twohawks to play it. I called Jeff Calavan and ordered one for myself. Never feeling like I belonged anywhere, I joined this flute circle in Louisiana and found family. They have been very supportive of my playing even when just a squeak was all I could muster up. I stopped trying to play notes and began playing from my heart and out came a song. I'm very happy with what I hear. I feel my ancestors inside of my bones and know that the music pleases them. I just started listening to your music and have found it so beautiful. It makes me cry. Twohawks tells me it may be because I've heard this kind of music before. I'm on the red path and am learning so much. I just wanted to let you know that you have touched me with your music. The Creator has really Blessed you and you seem to have honored the spirit of the flute with so much respect.
I don't know anything about music so I just play, but it feels absolutely wonderful.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Mary...  This is just to thank Mary for her music. I started playing about 18 months ago and now play at three hospitals, a hospice home and an Alzheimer's care unit. I play "Song for Ingrid" , "Fog", " Eagle Clan" and "The Offering" at each location, not as well as Mary, but people who have never heard her think I'm OK. 


Thanks again for the beautiful music and I hope to see Mary soon. Gary


Greetings Mary,


Last night my dear friend and daughter joined me for your concert at the Lensic in Santa Fe.  We were so touched by the beautiful song you wrote for your daughter and granddaughter.  Thank you for sharing it with us all.  I feel so blessed to have heard it with my own daughter. 


You mentioned in an introduction to another song that you had been adopted into a white family when you were young.  I don’t mean to pry, but I am curious about the circumstance in which you came to that family.  You see, my daughter is Lillooet Band on her father’s side and Apache/Hispanic on my side.  One of her aunties on her father’s side is Alaskan Native and was removed from her family because she was the 6th child born to one mother.  She was adopted into a white family and eventually found her birth mother after many, many years of searching for her.  I know Alaska stopped removing Native children from their homes in the late 70’s or 80’s, but I would like to learn more about this assimilation.


Thank you again for a wonderful performance.  We are big fans!


Lisa Estrada and Anasazi NoiseCat

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Hi Mary...

You are an amazing free spirited vessel
being used to open and unlock other peoples spirit free
from the heaviness of life and what the negative things
of this world brings!  Thank you for this river of music
that flows through you and thank you for be "willing" to be used!


Hi Mary,
I recently saw you at Unity in Folsom for a couple of Drum Circle
events. My partner and I were awed by your ability and really enjoyed
ourselves. I noticed you offered lessons on your web site. I think the
best Christmas gift I could give my partner is a few sessions or more
with you. She recently bought a flute and I am amazed at her progress
in such a short time it makes me wonder if she is channeling a past
experience! We are currently writing our own new age meditation CD and
she is already laying down some impressive tracks.

Best Regards,


Mary's Birthday  ~ "Memories"

My fondest memories of Mary not only include being with her inside Moaning Cavern, but even more so - and oddly enough - in the quiet time on the drives to and from her concerts. Since I drive so long to see her each time, I play her CD's and let the energy of the songs move me emotionally and "spiritually", if you will.

Each CD has one or two songs that always moves me to tears, for they take me on a special, emotionally charged journey each time, whether it is an expression of love for my wife and a memory of when she and I first met, or its a projection of growing old with my wife and looking back at our life together... Mary's music has always taken me away as if on a magic carpet ride. Her Spirit, through the flute, is like a horse that rides me through heather filled hills.

I am truly grateful, and honored to know Mary, and for the time and opportunity I have to get to to know her even better.

Cryss BlackWolf
Sierra Raven Clan
June 18 2008

We wish Mary a very Happy 50th Birthday.  Here's to many, many more
Grammies.  The Great Spirit shines upon her.

Rodger & Georgia Tellefson
June 17 2008

Happy Birthday Mary

Your music brings me much joy!   I have had the privilege of hearing you on stage and what a treat.  You have inspired me to play the flute and that brings so much pleasure to my life. I listen to your CD's and enjoy your songbooks.  Best wishes for this special birthday,  have a wonderful celebration,  your journey has touched so many.   May the upcoming years bring you much  happiness.
martha cook
MAY 15 2008

There are so many memories of Mary that it is difficult to choose just one.

There was our first meeting which was the result of Sherry going into the western store where
Mary worked.  Mary saw my quiver of flutes - the first ones she had ever seen that actually
were tuned properly - and she asked to play one or them.  She and that flute sounded great -
which led to us being catapulted upward.

There was one time in her backyard when she lived in the northern part of Sacramento that
she was playing with drum accompaniment and the theme was a thunderstorm approaching,
arriving, and then leaving.  That song with the drums has never been heard since to my
knowledge, but it was one of the great ones, beginning in the far distance and fading into
the far distance at the end.

There was the trip that Mary, Sherry, and I took to Scott Loomis' home in Oregon where we
camped for a weekend with many other fluties.  We awoke in the morning to the sound of
Zuni Sunrise played by at least two people in different directions from us. The caused the
birds to awaken so there were bird songs after the flutes were played.

Mary has been a prime mover in the Native flute saga that has gone worldwide.  What she
contributed is in the universal subconscious now and cannot be taken back - so it is eternal.

Thanks for helping out with this.

Lew (Price)
June 17 2008


I first crossed paths with the incredible "Native American Flute" at the California World Music Festival in July of 2004. I looked, listened and even tried to play one of the vendors display flutes. I was very tempted to purchase one but hesitation got the best of me.

For one year I lived in a world of Flute regret. Yes, when WorldFest came around in July of 2005 I went looking for and found the flute vendor. That was when I purchased my first "Native American Flute".

"Fast forward to Fall of 2006"
I had reached a point of great frustration. I was unable to improve my playing skills. I had no flute playing friends to play with and learn from. I was Unable to locate anyone local to help with lessons and so on. The flute seemed destine to sadly rest on the shelf.

So I took a flyer, so to speak.

I hit the contact button on Mary Youngblood's web site. Asking if she was aware of anyone in Northern California that I could reach out to for some help. Of course, I didn't really expect a reply.

But to my surprise I did receive a reply. When I learned that Mary was not only local but offered personal lessons, I fell off my chair. I thought WOW! Could this be true? Could I actually have a lesson with a Grammy winning artist?

Oh, it was true. Mary took me under her wing during our first visit. Understanding that I had no musical background, Mary creatively coached me with some very helpful hints and technics to work on. I left that lesson FINALLY believing that I could improve my skills with this instrument and explore the many music avenues within me.

Understanding my situation, Mary also steered me to the "Loping Wolf" Wood Flute and Drum Circle. Where I found open Hearts and arms to help with my Flute Journey. What a great gift she shared. But that story is for another day.

Mary has since become a "Great Friend" and continues to be a wonderful inspiration. Coaching, Teaching, Challenging.

Thank you Mary. Thank you for your Spirit. Thank you for your warm Heart. Thank you for your wonderful sharing nature. Thank you for challenging my skills. Thank you for opening my eyes to the incredible "Spirit of the Flute". Most of all Thank You for being You.

With your guidance, my "Flute Journey" continues.

If ever you need a friend, never must you look further than the author of this letter.

All my Love and Support,
June 16, 2008

Mary, you are a "musician's musician". Your love and passion for the Native American Flute is unparalleled, and you express this so completely in your playing. When I think of all of the times that I've been fortunate to see you play, I still think back to the small concert at East/West Bookstore in Mountain View so many years ago. Your ability to engage the audience as if they're longtime friends and your unique style of encouraging the audience to jam with you, immediately left an impression on me. Now, I know that all of that is simply a central part of who you are as a person and a performer. I am so thankful that you have been an early and consistent influence on my flute path, and I honor you for.
Happy Birthday!
With love and appreciation,
Mike Oitzman
June 14 2008

Happy Birthday Mary ; You have brought much joy with your lovely graciousness and gift of you magic flute.

Blessings, Norma & Charlie.
June 12 2008

What can I say?  You have been my teacher and mentor and often catalyst
in my explorations and delightful discoveries of the spirit of the
flute, and the delight of dueting and making music with you and with others.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reaching 50!  It's really not too bad, once
you get the hang of it (giggle).

In Spirit, Love and Friendship,

Francesca (Reitano)
June 12 2008

Mary radiates inspiration.  She teaches so simply and clearly.  She
listens attentively.  She demonstrates
clearly.  She plays beautiful melody with incredible tone.  She
inspires  me to feel confident as I travel the flute path.
I'm delighted to have her as a companion and guide to this instrument
and this music.
June 8 2008

Thank you for the Birthday invitation for Mary's 50th Birthday.  We will be out of town but I would like you to include the following Birthday wish in your book:


May 23 2008

Wow. . .Mary is it possible that
so many years have gone by
since we first met?

We love the memories of being
with you during your first recording
at the Moaning Caves. . . .those of
us dangling by ropes struggling to
get to the bottom, where you so patiently
waited, giggling at our 'graceful' ascent.

We are always so thrilled when our paths cross,
it's so rewarding to see you as a successful recording artist.
Congratulations on your Birthday and future

To know you is to love you!!

Dale and Dede Bannister
May 22 2008


  "I met Mary on a very surreal night in a very surreal setting back in early 1996. With the invaluable tutoring and assistance of Lew Price, I had started making flutes about five months earlier, perhaps about November 1995. After having made about a dozen or so flutes, I found a photo on a website of a "dual chambered flute, which is what we used to call "drone flutes", and decided, what the heck, I'm gonna make one of those. The first attempt yielded what seemed, as far as I could tell, a very functional drone flute in the key of E. At this point, I had not yet met Mary, but Lew had told me, to paraphrase, "When you get a flute made you are satisfied with, take it to Mary and she can show you what its capable of", something like that.

  So, with drone flute in hand, and feeling a bit more timid than I am today, I attended my first flute circle ever, where I would meet Mary Youngblood. It was held at a house, with a marvelous back yard,  just down the street from where Mary lived at the time. As I walked out back, the scene was bit surreal, it was dark, there was a bonfire going, and everything and everyone was lit up by this glow, including Mary. I timidly walked up to her and asked if she would play the drone flute I was holding in my hands. I realize its a physiological impossibility, but I swear her jaw dropped to the ground. As it turned out, Mary had been praying for a drone flute for a month or so, and here some fledgling flute maker walks in and hands her one. Lots of goose bumps were experienced. I sat mesmerized on the ground, next to her chair, as she proceeded to play the first drone flute she would ever own. It was the beginning of a marvelous adventure with this very, very talented lady that would significantly influence my flute making endeavors and, in many ways, my life.

   Another quick story is of a gig Mary had one night at the Borders book store in Roseville. The performance area in the store and in particular where the microphone was set up, was about twenty feet from the cappuccino machine. Well, I won't try to come up with a word for the sound made by a cappuccino machine, but suffice it to say, it wasn't the best accompaniment to a Native American Flute. Nevertheless, trooper that she was and is, she played through the making of many, many hot beverages. At one of these types of events, I remember Mary saying to me, "You can say you knew me back when!"  Well, here we are more than a decade later, and I can say with love, its been and continues to be my honor to know my friend, Mary Youngblood. God Bless, Russ Venable"
May 20 2008


May you have many more Birthdays and many more songs to sing.

Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitas
Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever


Mike Moran
May 20 2008



As we move through this journey we call life, we experience many
opportunities, some will be joyous and others might appear as struggles,
but it is through the struggles that we begin to question and make
different choices.

We have only recently met, but I feel honored to have been guided to
share your light.  You have been gifted with an amazing talent and
through the beauty of who you are, you freely share that talent and
allow others to experience the wondrous beauty of your music.  I thank
you for that, and for providing me the inspiration to follow the flute
song which comes from the heart.

As your birth time arrives and we move into the time of harvest, I
believe it will be a bountiful time for you as you harvest new
opportunities.  It is time to step into your personal power and create
that which you want;  it is there waiting for you.

May the Creator light your way each and every day,
Many Blessings,

Pat Allen
May 19 2008


June 24, 2008
When I am high from playing my flute, my heart is filled with gratitude to you, Mary.  You have blessed and brought joy to so many of us, through your musical compositions and exquisite playing. You have guided us to the beauty and magic of this beautiful instrument......thank you!

Happy 50th Birthday, Mary!  May your life continue to be abundantly blessed!
Susan Santini
LOPing Wolf Clan

Dearest Mary, Sister of my heart!
Happiest of Birthday celebrations to you and I hope to see you soon.
Stephanie, Dean and Paula also send their happy birthdays!
Sister Friend
Sharon Downer (Ravenstar)
May 18 2008


When you turned 30,
you were too busy with life to notice.

When you turned 40,
it was a little scary...
you're getting "old" after all :)
But you Survived.

Now, you find 50 at your door.
This is the time you look for more.
The children are grown,
You have time of your own.

Yeah, it's still a little scary,
but you'll soon find that the old addage is true.
Fifty is pretty Nifty.

Your music has always been a source of joy and inspiration.
I have always admired you for what you have accomplished
and for what you do with your gift.

But, I gotta tell ya...
that evening at Echoes
when you stopped everything for just a few moments
To listen to the young lady play her drum for you,
as you communicated with her in Sign,
and honored her by joining in her song...
a song she could only hear by feeling the vibrations...
you won my heart and respect forever.

Blessings to you as you find that 50 Really is pretty Nifty.

Soft Winds Blessings
You will always be my Idol and Inspiration.
May 18 2008


Never in a million years would I have believed one year ago that I
would Know Mary Youngblood. I am so glad life can be so unpredictable
. Playing the flute has done miracles in bringing joy to my life, &
lucking into finding you to teach me...well, how lucky is that?!
You have helped me to remember that life can be hard, but there is
always something you can do that brings joy & sometimes you just have to
"go for it"!.
You are fun to be around, & I hope we will have a long ride together.
Happy Birthday girl!! 50 is just the beginning!!

May 15 2008

We wish Mary a very Happy 50th Birthday.  Here's to many, many more
Grammies.  The Great Spirit shines upon her.

Rodger & Georgia Tellefson
May 15 2008



You are a gifted musician!

Your music and time has inspired many beings on this
earth to express their song via the flute!

Your song brings much needed peace to this planet!

Thank you for being born on/in this day!

Hope you have a fun celebration with all your friends
and family.

May all your wildest dreams come true for you!

Peace and Love,
Stacy Mora
May 15 2008

Michael Bayard on this end.
I am a percussionist and sound healer.
Mary Youngblood is a good friend and colleague of mine, and I perform regularly as a duo with her, and we have about 12 CD's together of live concerts that we have performed, plus countless other extemporaneous recordings together.
I have attached a photo of Mary playing at my wedding on August 12, 2007- on a cliff on the North Coast, a few miles south of Mendocino. There were only 8 people in attendance - total.
In terms of Mary's 50th birthday celebration on June 21 --I may be able to attend, so please send me details. I would probably attend with my wife Wendy, if I am able to adjust my concert schedules.
Thank you Dan! I look forward to potentially meeting you, and I look forward to hopefully being able to attend Mary's birthday bash on June 21. Please send me details.

In the mean time, here 's a quick YouTube piece - you might enjoy the spicy poly -rhythms:

Kindest and Blessings,
Michael Bayard
May 15 2008

Dear Mary,
I thank the Creator for you.  When I first heard you play I was so stunned at your sound and the sound of the Native flute that this has taken me to a journey which has lasted for two and a half years.  I'm still on this journey of the flute and loving it.  I started out playing the Native flute because of your influence and joined the flute circles, then I started getting involved in Pow Wows, then with the First Nation People in Sacramento, then with the American Indian Movement with Dennis Banks Longest Walk 2 !!  I learned so much from the Native People that I have encountered and now all this has taken me to back to playing my flute regularly........and Now I Play my flute for the ANCESTORS.  Thanks to your influence I am fulfilling  my dream.  I've always been interested in Archeaology and now I'm part of an Archeaological dig in Fairfield and play my flute to the Native Ancestors found there, and Mary, they found at least TWO WOMEN Flute/Whistle ladies.  Yeah girl  !!!! ..... even 2000 years ago Women were playing the flute/whistle and they were buried with them !!!...just like the men were.  I am proud to be part of this project and to let people know who the ancestors were and how they lived and that there were indeed flute ladies !!! I am honored that it is me that is chosen to draw the ancestors as they must of looked 2000 years ago.  Even though I am NOT Native American and I have no idea why I am so interested in the culture, I think there is a purpose to all this and I am just taking it one day at a time !!!!
Thanks Mary for the inspiration !!
May 14 2008


What a blessing this world received 50 years ago.  A gift that would not only bless those of us who are fortunate to be in your energy as
often as we can, but most importantly, the world.  May you continue to be a gift and share yourself with the universe, may you continue
to bless the world with your music and teachings.  On your birthday, you will receive many gifts, however, you are the very best gift any
of us could hope to receive.

Happy 50th birthday, and may there be at least 50 more.  Thank you for sharing your very special day with all of us.

Bill and Linda Hironimus
Maui, Hi
May 14 2008