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Sacred Place ~ 2008


Mary Youngblood Sacred Place ~ With rich vibrato and notes that melt into your heart, Mary Youngblood takes the artistry of Native American flute music to its highest level.  Her song writing brings forth some of the sweetest original melodies ever performed on this instrument, and the collection herein showcases the most sublime. These peaceful and vibrant songs have been carefully selected to quiet the mind, relax the body, and inspire one to contemplate the Sacred Place within.
New Release Available at Amazon.com 
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The Spirit of Sacajawea ~ 2007

Spirit of Sacajawea The Spirit of Sacajawea ~ The Spirit of Sacajawea is a new independent film by Naka Productions. The only woman and the only Indian to travel with the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacajawea is one of the most revered women in American history, yet her story has been romanticized and, often, misinterpreted by non-natives. The Spirit of Sacajawea examines the many controversies of her life, how her tribes were impacted, and how they are surviving today. This is the story of Sacajawea from a Native woman's perspective. You can order this DVD from www.nakatv.com for $25.00, plus $5.00 shipping & handling.
Emmy Winner Available at Amazon
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Dance with the Wind ~ 2006

Mary Youngblood Dance With the Wind ~ Sometimes the wind whispers and sometimes the wind howls.  When Mary Youngblood lets the wind flow through her Native American flutes the result is always one of beauty and joy.  Inspired by the wisdom of nature, Mary writes: " The trees have given a voice to me, the voice that sings to you now." Her eclectic musical style evokes feelings of freedom, and gratitude for the blessings of life, our Dance with the Wind.
(Grammy Award Winner)
Grammy Award 2007 Available at Amazon.com
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Feed the Fire ~ 2004

Mary Youngblood Feed the Fire ~ Follows Mary Youngblood's GRAMMY AWARD winning album Beneath the Raven Moon.  She returns with fresh and unique performances on the Native American Flute with her signature melodies and sweet vocals framed in captivating arrangements spanning a variety of musical styles.  With special guest appearances by Ian Anderson, Bill Miller, and Joanne Shenandoah, Feed the Fire is full of energy, warmth and passion.

 "Absolutely enchanting! Youngblood beautifully demonstrates the talent that earned her numerous Native American Music Awards." -Billboard
Grammy Nominee 2003 Available at Amazon.com
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Beneath the Raven Moon ~ 2002

Mary Youngblood Beneath the Raven Moon ~ is poetry of the heart flowing forth from the Native American flute as only Mary Youngblood can play it.  This superb collection of songs showcases her award winning talents in adventurous new settings from blues to classical, all the while treating us to the beautiful heartfelt melodies for which she is known and loved.  Additionally, this album showcases Youngblood's strong voice harmonizing along with her many flutes. The title of each track on the CD is a line from a poem written by Youngblood giving this album a poetic concept album.
(Grammy Award Winner)
Grammy Award 2003 CD available at Amazon.com
Oregon Flute Store: Beneath the Raven Moon Songbook
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Heart of the World ~ 1999

Mary Youngblood Heart of the World
Mary Youngblood's original sound promises to take listeners to places they have never been with the Native American flute.  Colorful, poignant, and textured, these songs are uniquely presented including vocals by Joanne Shenandoah on instruments including multi-chamber flutes, guitar, percussion, cittern, dulcimer, eagle bone whistle and the exquisite voice of Joanne Shenandoah.  Both meditative and playful, this recording is a true celebration of the heart.
Indie Awards 2000 CD Available at Amazon.com
Oregon Flute Store: Heart of the World Songbook
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The Offering ~ 1998

Mary Youngblood The Offering
The Native American Flute comes alive in the hands of Mary Youngblood.  Of Aleut and Seminole ancestry, she is one of the first Native women to record this sacred instrument. A profoundly original and vibrant performance recorded in the natural acoustic space of the underground Moaning Cavern in California. Her haunting music is much more than song, it is "liquid poetry, a prayer." 
Flutist of the Year Available at Amazon.com
Oregon Flute Store:  The Offering Songbook
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