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Native American Mary Youngblood, half Seminole and half Aleut, is the first woman to professionally record the Native American Flute, and the first woman to win not just one, but two Grammy Awards for "Best Native American Music Album".

About her second Grammy Award, Silver Wave Records said, "...Mary Youngblood has always had the talent to stand out above the crowd, and with this honor she stakes her claim as the number one star of Native American music."

Mary’s sixth album for Silver Wave Records is a compilation produced by Silver Wave's staff.  Of “Sacred Place - A Mary Youngblood Collection”, Silver Wave writes, “With rich vibrato and notes that melt into your heart, Mary Youngblood takes the artistry of Native American flute music to its highest level. Her song writing brings forth some of the sweetest original melodies ever performed on this instrument, and the collection herein showcases the most sublime.   

“When this Two-Time Grammy Award winner reflects on her life, she resonates with the peaceful warrior. Both softness and strength come through in her deeply passionate music inspired by the wonders of nature. These peaceful and vibrant songs have been carefully selected to quiet the mind, relax the body, and inspire one to contemplate the Sacred Place within.” 


Mary's fifth album “Dance with the Wind” won the 2007 Grammy Award for “Best Native American Music Album”.  In an interview after accepting her award, Mary told the media that "'Dance With the Wind' was created during the 2006 winter storms in Northern California.  The storms brought extremely high winds; a tall oak lost a few good sized limbs and the maples took a thrashing.  Having an incredible affinity to trees, Mary looked at them in her backyard, and thought it would be hard to be a tree right then.  But as she watched them, she noticed how the trees were almost moving with purposeful rhythm, and with something that resembled... JOY.  Mary related her own personal stormy times to the dancing trees and realized she could be like they were.  She was not going to give in to the elements either; she was going to learn to be more like the trees ... and "Dance With the Wind". 

Mary’s fourth album “Feed the Fire” was nominated for the 2005 Grammy “Best Native American Music Album”. Mary’s original melodies and lyrics spanned a
variety of musical styles and instruments - her wood flutes, piano, alto flute and sweet vocals. Special guest appearances by Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Bill Miller, and Joanne Shenandoah, all contributed to Mary’s album full of energy, warmth and passion. The tribute song ‘Feed the Fire’ for her birth parents and dedicated to her birth mother will melt your heart.

Marys third album 'Beneath the Raven Moon', won the 2003 Grammy Award for “Best Native American Music Album”. Silver Wave records considered
this a poetic concept album - the title of each track being from Mary’s thematic poetry reflecting the Human Journey. Mary’s beautiful voice harmonizing along with her many flutes debuted with the instrumentation of award winning producer Tom Wasinger. Of Mary's exemplary flute playing coupled with two of her favorite American music styles, Classical and Blues, Dirty Linen Magazine stated, "Mary Youngblood brings a fresh perspective to original melodies."

Mary’s second album 'Heart of the World' found Mary weaving her flute melodies with the lush accompaniment
of guitar, percussion and the exquisite voice of Joanne Shenandoah. 'Heart of the World' won “Best Native American Recording” by The Association for Independent Music (INDIE Award), the New Age Voice (NAV) Award, and the 2000 Native American Music Awards (NAMMY) for “Best New Age Recording”. The track ‘Cold Wind’ will blow right into your chest and thump you hard. It is amazing.

Mary’s debut album 'The Offering' was a solo flute effort recorded live to DAT in the huge underground chamber of the Moaning Cavern in California. The
natural acoustics lent an amazing echo and organic quality to the distinctly memorable melodies that Mary created with her flutes. The Monterey County Herald News wrote, "In addition to the haunting sounds of various handcrafted wooden flutes, the listener can occasionally hear the drip of water in the cavern, which adds a surreal you-are-there feeling."

In addition to Mary’s two Grammy Awards and three nominations, she was the first woman to win 'Flutist of the Year' in both 1999 and 2000. She also won 'Best Female Artist' in 2000 at the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS).

Mary started piano lessons at age six, violin at eight, classical flute and guitar at ten. As an adult, when Mary received her first wooden Native flute, she was driven to pursue the mastery of this instrument so tied to her own heritage.

Now years later with five unique and accomplished albums under her belt, Mary owns over 250 hand carved Native American Style flutes in her collection and uses a wide variety of them throughout every one of her albums. Each of her flutes is masterfully crafted from different types of wood, bringing a unique sound and texture to each song.

When Mary performs, it takes only a moment to acknowledge the profound spirituality of the sacred Native American flute and its historical courtship and wooing attributes. Her haunting music is much more than a song ... it's liquid poetry, a prayer.

Mary Youngblood takes little credit for the intense emotions people feel when they listen to her music. "I am only a vessel between Creator and this instrument. As a sculptor would tell you, the clay has a spirit of its own and decides what it will become; so it is with the flute. These songs came from those who walked before me."

Mary and her family currently reside in Northern California.






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